Our queer-friendly gym is more than just a fitness facility—it’s a welcoming haven where you can thrive, connect, and experience the joy of movement. Speak with one of our coaches to find out if Ascent Fitness is right for you.

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Embrace strength, confidence, connection, and the exhilaration of living life on your own terms.

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Build Strength, Boost Confidence, and Embrace Joyful Movement

No matter your body size, our tailored training programs will help you build strength, improve endurance, and achieve your personal goals. But our focus extends beyond traditional fitness metrics. We celebrate the joy of movement, emphasizing that fitness is not solely about reaching a specific goal or conforming to societal standards. We prioritize your well-being, pleasure, and the freedom to move your body in ways that bring you happiness and fulfillment.

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At our gym, we celebrate and embrace the beauty of diverse bodies and identities. We are committed to being a fat-positive and anti-diet space that rejects harmful weight stigma and promotes body acceptance and respect. We believe that every body is worthy of love, care, and the opportunity to engage in movement that feels joyful and authentic.

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Being a member of Ascent is truly one of my favorite things about living in Tacoma! I absolutely love going to class. I have seen noticeable improvements in my strength since being a member, and I am always energized and happy after class. The community is so warm and friendly, the space is beautiful, and the workouts are varied and challenging. I feel welcomed and supported, and I literally always leave class in a good mood.
What I appreciate about Ascent is that their training sessions are for all individuals no matter what size you are, your experience, your age, etc. Each workout emphasizes the importance of stretching, form, and technique. The workouts are fun and challenging. With its small class sizes, you really get to know all of the coaches and peers week to week. I've dabbled in other group trainings, but I never have felt a sense of belonging and community like I do at Ascent. There is no judgment; just encouragement from the coaches and your peers.
Emma and the Ascent staff made me feel welcome and accepted immediately. My workouts were tailored to fit my needs and great care was taken to address any pain. After a few months of training, I can say that I have gained confidence in all aspects of my life. I am more willing to try new things, and have more trust in my body.

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