Move with joy
No Sweat Intro

We’re a body-positive, self-paced strength training studio.

We take everyday movements and bring them into the gym to rehearse, with intention and efficiency. This isn’t about competing with anyone else. We work with each member to define their wellness goals. We believe every body can learn to move with joy.

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Who we are



Lead Guide

Marissa is the founder of Ascent Fitness and a firm believer of making joyful movement more accessible to people of all bodies and backgrounds. In her free time you can find her doing just about anything active from gardening to climbing mountains.



Tasheon grew up in a family that loves sports and has a deep passion for moving her body and helping others find what joyful movement looks like to them. Last year Tasheon completed the 52 hike challenge and this year is training for a powerlifting meet in Tacoma.



Emma is a student at the University of Puget Sound and a lifelong mover. Her fitness story began with alpine skiing and ultimate frisbee. These days she finds joy in all sorts of movement from walking to work, climbing, surfing and playing with kids.



Knic says Ascent Fitness is the first gym they’ve ever felt truly comfortable attending. They started as a member years ago, fell in love with the movement approach, and recently earned a level 1 MovNat certification.

What we offer


Natural Movement Training

We train essential body movement techniques to build strength from the ground up.

This is the best gym I’ve been to. The classes are engaging, challenging, and have made me stronger and in less pain. I’ve been to many gyms and I’ve never felt so cared for.

Tracy W.

Wellness Community

Our members are body-positive, respectful, and understand that every person moves at their own pace in their journey toward fitness.

Learning how to lift properly and feel my body physically stronger is incredibly empowering, especially as a woman.

Marge M.

Personal Strength

With our small class sizes,  specialized courses and regular coach check-ins included in every membership, every member develops their own path toward mindful movement.

The workouts are short, effective, and fun. I love the space, the location, and the friendliness of the coaches and other members. I consistently WANT to go, and I always leave feeling energized and confident.

Kelsey F.

Pricing & Options

We offer sliding scale » read more

Sliding scale lets you choose a price, based on your resources: Community ($), Sustainer ($$), or Supporter ($$$). Your choice helps make our offerings even more accessible. We want everyone to have space to move with joy.

Plus: Check Out Our Courses

BoPoMo: Body Positive Movement Workshop … Powerlifting 6-week Series … Approach Series … Ground Movement & Awareness … And more!