We are a queer friendly, body affirming, fitness training studio!

And we are looking for 10 folks ready to kickstart their fitness journey! 

 In our 6 week program you will learn everything you need to know about strength, longevity and having fun. You will be supported by our caring coaches and body affirming community to help you reach your goals.

What We Offer

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Wellness Community

Our members are body-affirming, respectful, and understand that every person moves at their own pace in their journey of fitness.

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Functional Movement Training

We train essential body movement techniques to build strength from the ground up.


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Personal Strength

With our small class sizes,  specialized courses and regular coach check-ins included in every membership, every member develops their own path toward mindful movement.

What our members have to say

“Instead of moving my body in order to change it or make parts of it disappear, I’m training to listen to my body’s limits, learn to challenge my body in a kind way, and do things I never thought my body could do.”

– Laura (She/They)


Ascent for me is about building strength to move around in the real world. I can go on adventures I wouldn’t have able to go on 4-5 years ago.

–  Jermey  (He/Him)