Meet Our Collective

Our collective includes a range of experts, from compassionate physical therapists who help you move pain-free, to knowledgeable nutritionists who guide you towards a healthier relationship with food. We also have skilled massage therapists and other professionals in related fields.

What sets our collective apart is our unwavering commitment to body positivity and affirmation. We believe that every body is unique and beautiful, and our professionals are here to support you without judgment or unrealistic expectations. Whether you’re looking to improve your physical health, enhance your mental well-being, or simply embrace self-care, members of our Collective are trusted partners on this journey.

Tribu Physical Therapy

Tribu Physical Therapy is owned and operated by Dr. Mary Gelder PT, DPT, OCS (she/her). She is a Board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. She enjoys treating all folks, but also specializes in treatment of running-related injuries, female-bodied athletes, and outdoor adventurers! Services such as running gait analysis and lymphatic drainage therapy may be incorporated into your appointments, but they are available as independent services as well.

You can work with Mary from home or at Ascent Fitness on Tuesdays.

Anna Quast Physical Therapy

Dr. Anna Quast, PT, DPT is an avid hiker, biker, backpacker, and general outdoor enthusiast. As a physical therapist, she is most passionate about treating mountain and road bikers, and helping others build healthy routines so they can stay active through all seasons of life. Her treatment approach focuses on education around how your body moves and providing tools to help you learn how to take care of yourself. She works with outdoor athletes of all abilities and ages, and tailors the plan to meet your goals – no matter how big or small – with a whole-body approach.

You can work with Anna from home or at Ascent Fitness on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Empowered Healing

Meaghan is a licensed mental health therapist…

You can work with her at Ascent Fitness on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Elemental Roots

Luigi is a licensed massage therapist. They provide gender affirming bodywork and massage.As well as gender coaching.

You can find them at Ascent every other Thursday and at Compass Health Downtown most other days.

Liberating Jasper

At Liberating Jasper, our goal is to help people reconnect to their innate wisdom and rebuild their relationship to food and body so that they may live authentically, whoever their authentic selves are.

Liberating Jasper is now located at 204 Stadium Way and provide nutrition counseling, mental health therapy and run several virtual support groups to support folks on their journey.

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