What about “cardio”?

In the early days of coaching – back when I mostly did personal training – I had a client that was an ultramarathon runner. He

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Move to Avoid Burnout

We all have slightly different motivations for working out but ultimately I think it comes down to wanting to show up everyday as our best

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Movement and Mental Health

You’ve probably heard that exercise is good for your mental health, and research supports that there is a clear link between exercise and improved mood.

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Kitchen Preparedness

Before we get into nutrition let’s talk about how to prepare our kitchen to be functional and enjoyable while cooking and cleaning. While most of

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Building An at Home Gym

Below I will give options for purchasing, making and upcycling for your equipment. You can definitely make a great at home gym for just $100. 

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Empowerment is about giving people the authority, power and confidence to control their own life! At Ascent this is a guiding word in how we

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