2020 AF Video

Let’s do this! This should only take 15 minutes, tops. Please send your recorded videos by Monday, June 1st (or let us know if you’ll be late).

FIRST, place your phone.

You can simply lean it against a stack of books, or quickly cut up some cardboard.

NEXT, shoot both videos (front-facing camera is fine)!

  • VIDEO 1: Space Setup Timelapse (2-5 minutes)
    • Hit record, then set up your space for a workout. End with 15 seconds of your favorite warmup.
    • We will make a very short time-lapse of your footage!
  • VIDEO 2: High Five Deadlifts (20-30 seconds)
    • Give your camera a slow-five. Walk to position. Do one deadlift. Then give your camera another slow-five.

You do not need to edit either video. Please email knic@knownfor.solutions with questions!

Finally, upload both videos by Monday, June 1st.

Easy! All of this shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, total. Thank you for your help! When you’re done recording, upload your files here:

Willing to do a little extra?

  • BONUS: “Empowered Movement” (1 minute)
    • Add your voice! Finish the following phrase on camera:
    • “Exercise is empowering for me, because _____”

Y’all are amazing!