#17 |Balance


Prep: 3x
Deep Squat hold 3x 5 sec
Jump landings 5
Tripod Transition 4

You can do all of this on a balance board or not. See if you can do each round as a continuous flow and mix it up how you wish.
Forward Backward Counter Balance Drill 8
Pivot Reverse 6x
Side Shuffle 3m/side
Lunges 6 (narrow stance)
Foot Hand Crawl 8ft or 10 steps
rest for a bit shake out the feet and quads.

15min Amrap
Forward Jumps 5
Push-ups 5-10
Tripod Get-up 6
Jumping Jacks 30
Renegade rows 8 or plank shoulder taps if no weight available


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April 18, 2020

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