Your friendly, body-positive fitness studio.

Hey there neighbor! So glad you could drop by.

Whether you feel completely overwhelmed by “gym stuff”, or if you’re just looking for a place that encourages rather than competes, we’re here for you.

If you need a little accountability …
… a little guidance …
… a little room for exploration …
… trust us — you’ll fit right in.

We’re building the core of wellness.

Here’s the important bit: strength isn’t about muscle definition.

The assumption that “strength = big muscles” is an unfortunate side effect of gym-rat culture, reinforced by an obsession with #booty posts on Instagram.

After a few months of proper training, you’ll be a whole new person. Your looks might change a bit, sure—but that’s completely beside the point! Here’s the real benefits:

  • You’ll feel more confident in a wide variety of daily activities.
  • You’ll experience fewer general aches and pains.
  • You’ll develop a richer understanding of your body, discover its capabilities, and heighten your confidence.

And, OK, sure—you’ll get a bit more muscle definition, too.

We make it all about you

Our fitness guides tailor each lesson to the needs of each member. We keep class sizes small to emphasize more personalization and less competition.

We believe in crafting a community-oriented, inclusive, non-competitive environment for people of all kinds to pursue their own fitness journey, together.

We empower all humans to move with mindful joy.

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The workouts are short, effective, and fun. I love the space, the location, and the friendliness of the coaches and other members. I consistently WANT to go, and I always leave feeling energized and confident.

Kelsey F.