Earn points and win swag by completing our summer kick off challenge. Through this list we hope that you will learn a little more about what it means to move with mindful joy, connect with your community (even though we still can’t meet together), and just have some fun doing silly things to kick off the summer!

Everyone can be a winner – just collect enough points to win prizes!

Register Here! June 21st - July 30th

Stay active and Move with Joy

Wellness: Self-Care, nutrition and nature



100% Honor System

E-mail us each Friday with your points for the week and we will update the Live Scoreboard. Reach 300 points and win a synthetic shirt* for all your other sweaty summer activities. 

There are just a couple rules:

  • You can’t double dip or count activities from before June 21.
  • Must have at least 50 points from each category.
  • Please keep track! You will need to be able provide a list of the activities you completed to receive your shirt.
  • *The shirt is Free for current Ascent members  $15 for other participants, and only available to those who complete the challenge.

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Register Here! June 21st - July 30th



Stay active and Move with Joy

[5pt] Walk somewhere barefoot (around the yard is fine)

[5pt]  Attend an Ascent Move or Strength Class ( 5 point per class – up to 4x = 20pts)

[5pt]  Squat selfie – tag Ascent or e-mail us a photo to share 🙂

[20pt]  Run/ walk 50 miles in the month of June.  (all or nothing – also this one you can technically double dip on)

[5pt] Climb something (a tree, ladder, stairs, cabinets, rocks) 

[5pt] Balance on something

[10pt]  Make your own workout routine based on activities you feel like doing and do it.

[5pt] Mindful movement? Use the embodied physical activity journal to check in with how different activities resonate with your body. (5pt per date up to 5x = 25pts possiblecan combine with one of the other activities on this sheet)

[5pt]  Get dirty -do your favorite crawl, in the grass or dirt

[5pt]  Crawl at half your normal speed for as long as you can (time it!) 

[5pt]  Film yourself dancing. don’t share it with anyone.

[10pt] Choose a movement and practice it 4 days in a row

[10pt] Make a fitness or movement goal and share with a coach 

[5pt] Do a workout outside

Wellness: Self-Care, nutrition and nature

[5pt] Fill out your self care trunk( link

[5pt] Do one of the self care activities  (up to 3x = 15pts possible)

[10pt] Drink 2L of water for five days in a row 2pts/ day = 10pts

[5pt] Go to bed when you are tired and don’t set an alarm 

[5pt] Read/listen to a book that inspires you. 

[5pts] Fix something, clean something or organize something that’s been sitting on your to-do list forever 

[5pt] Do something creative. Sidewalk art, paint, build, write. You choose! 

[5pt]  cook something new – share the recipe if you like it 😉 

[5pt] Eat 5 different colored foods in a day 

[5pt] Un-follow or mute 5 accounts that support diet culture! 

[5pt] Read an article about intuitive eating 

[5pt] Cook and enjoy a meal outside 

[5pt] Pretend you are a food critic and write down everything you noticed about your meal: presentation, texture, temperature taste etc. 

[5pt] Do an hour of forest bathing 

[5pt] take 5 pictures of plants you don’t know and learn about them

[5pt] watch the sunset 

[5pt] watch the sunrise 

[5pt] look at the stars 

[5pt] watch some wildlife 

[5pt] take an urban hike to a new park 

[5pt] find a new view of the city 

[5pt] Dip your feet in some water or [10pt] Get all the way in 


[10pt] Send a challenge to someone in the Ascent community + [5pts] for both of you if they complete it. Link

[10pt]  Watch some of the videos on our Representation Matters  post and have a discussion with someone about them. 

[5pts] Show us your home gym. We love seeing your creative weights. Tag on IG, facebook or send us an email and we will share it for you. 

[5pts] Order take out or pick-up from a local restaurant. Yum

[5pt] Support a local business: buy a gift card, write a positive review,  give them a shoutout 

[10pt] Message an Ascent classmate or send them a card 

[5pt] Pick up trash on a walk – practice health precautions 

[5pt]  Wave at 5 people on a walk 

[5pt]  Bring one of your friends to take a class 

[10pt]  Read an article about anti-racist health and fitness 

[10pt] Read an article about feminist weightlifting 

[5pt] Take Ascent Dance and Stretch 

[5pt] Take a Yoga Wild (or other Yoga) 

[5pt]  post a sweaty selfie

[5pt]  Comment on an Ascent Post or respond to a newsletter

[5pt] Do an Ascent Saturday community class 

[5pt] Do a social distant bike ride, walk or picnic with a friend

[5pt] Write a review or send us a testimonial

[5pt] Read “So You want to Talk About Race” and join us for our book club discussion. –  Book Club Link