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Our founder

Marissa (Luca) (she/he/they)

There is not one aspect of my life that I can point to that led to me starting Ascent Fitness. My experiences with movement and sports, relationships with teammates and coaches, and sense of belonging in fitness spaces have led me to a coaching career focused on helping more bodies find joy in movement and creating an empowering place for people often left out of fitness spaces. Movement, sports and exercise have been foundational in my life and essential to my happiness. Throughout my life I have participated in many sports and activities including softball, skiing, ultimate frisbee, climbing, running and really anything that gets me moving outside. These activities have brought me great joy, and also hurt as I experienced and observed the exclusionary practices that happen in many sport and fitness spaces. My personal training career started at a climbing gym as I worked to empower primarily larger bodied women to find success in a sport that previously seemed inaccessible to them. I have since dedicated my practice to coaching folks who are often overlooked, and who have been told that they need to change to participate in joyful movement. I continue to expand my abilities and horizons to do this better. My mission at Ascent is to expand access and inclusion in joyful movement. We have a team of coaches to help folks with the strength, skills and appropriate challenge needed to experience fun while moving. And a community of folks invested in the vision of empowering all bodies to move for joy! — Marissa is a NASM certified trainer with continuing education and experience with many organizations and modalities including Movnat, OPEX Coaching and Functional Movement Systems that have shaped her style of coaching. Her greatest movement accomplishments include working up the courage to join the H.S. cross country team and winning D3 nationals with her Ultimate frisbee team. She is currently working on her AMGA Single Pitch Instructor certification to help more people experience climbing.

Our coaches

Katie (She/her)

Coach, Co-Owner
I’m a classic enneagram 2, I love to help people! And I love that Ascent is a space for everyone.

What’s your favorite movement? Medicine ball slams are my jam.

What is your ideal day outside the gym? Coffee by the fireplace, exploring a new park/trail with my wife and dog, a nap, meeting friends at Wooden City for dinner. What’s your favorite beverage? A hazy IPA

Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Tasheon (She/her)

Coach, Social Media
I work at Ascent because I know we play a role in changing the industry by creating a community that is safe, affirming and fun. Ascent also works to be free of fatphobia, diet/wellness-culture and toxic fitness culture.

What’s your favorite movement? Deadlift or rope slams

What is your ideal day outside the gym? It depends on the season but in general I love hiking in the morning, finding a delicious place to eat after and napping with a breeze from the window.

What’s your favorite beverage? I love hand crafted cocktails or mocktails. Anything in a cute little glass makes me extremely happy! Certifications: Ace Personal Trainer

Jenn (She/her)

Movement has been so important in managing my stress and taking care of my mental health. I love Ascent’s mission of making movement fun and accessible to everyone!

What’s your favorite movement? Deadlift

What is your ideal day outside the gym? Take my dogs for a hike in the mountains, cook dinner at home with friends, go for a nightcap at en Rama and a walk over Murray Morgan Bridge.

What’s your favorite beverage? Iced dirty chai oat milk latte

Certification: 200 HR CYT

Emma (She/her)

I love being apart of Ascent’s welcoming and inclusive vibe. As a coach, I enjoy helping folks find their strength.

What’s your favorite movement? Kettlebell swings

What is your ideal day outside the gym? Road-trip coffee, summit chocolate, and an open firewatch.

What’s your favorite superhero? Thanos

Coda (they/them)

Head Coach 

Ascent aligns with my values of empowering all bodies to move in an enjoyable way. I grew up hating my body. I was taught all the wrong messaging, habits and mindsets that the mainstream fitness industry capitalizes on today. Eventually, I went on a journey to start creating a relationship with my body, to stop punishing it and start enjoying movement; I love feeling strong, and I like helping others make that transition as well. I’ve been a CrossFit coach since 2019 and a CrossFit athlete since 2013. Last year, I opened my own coaching business, Codavation, to help people with their mindset along with their relationship to their body and fitness. I have also wanted to continue coaching in a gym as well so here I am! I’m excited to be part of the Ascent community!

What is your favorite movement? Any movement that feels like I’m flying: box jumps, pull ups, toes to bar, muscle ups, etc.

What is your ideal day outside of the gym? My day would start off with cuddling with my fur babies while drinking a protein coffee and spending the morning at home with my partner. In the afternoon, I’d enjoy some form of movement with friends. In the evening, I’d have a nice dinner/dessert with family and an evening walk under the stars.

What’s your favorite beverage? Shakes and smoothies

Certifications: MindValley Holobody Coach, MindValley 10X Fitness Coach

Kam (He/him)

Coach, Admin
I bring nearly a decade of D1 collegiate rowing experience and coaching, as well as trauma sensitive coach training and a bachelor of science in kinesiology/human movement studies. I have a passion for helping others and leading them in putting their best selves forward. I am a firm believer in having fun while allowing people to find the self confidence to move within their bodies in a positive way. My movement history started when I was young. I’ve done many sports and have always loved to find joy in the way my body moves for me. From track and field, swimming to rowing, yoga, hiking, snowboarding and the gym, being active has always given me a mental and physical outlet to express myself. I hope to inspire others to lean into finding that space that brings them joy in their bodies.

My favorite movement to coach would obviously be the rowing stroke 😉 but also I enjoy cleans and box jumps.

Credentials: BS Kinesiology, Level 2 rowing coach, Trauma-sensitive coaching/SBYD sports based youth development coach (Americorp)

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