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Marissa Lyons owner of Ascent Fitness

Marissa Lyons (she/they) - OWNER

I started Ascent to help folks train for adventures and hobbies outdoors. Along the way, I discovered that what the world really needed was a gym that believes that all bodies can move for joy. At Ascent, we empower people through strength and movement training so that people of all backgrounds and bodies can pursue their dreams.

What’s your favorite movement?
Kettlebell swing
What is your ideal day outside the gym?
An adventure outdoors (climbing, skiing, running/ hiking) with my spouse and friends, followed by a trip to a brewery, or drinks in the hot tub at home.

What’s your favorite beverage?
If it’s not obvious from the above question…beer. The type of beer depends on the time of year and where I am.

NASM Personal Trainer Movnat Level 2
OPEX (formerly OPT) Assessment and Program Design

OUR coaches

Katie coach at Ascent Fitness

Katie (she/her)


Why did you become a coach?
I'm a classic enneagram 2, I love to help people! And I love that Ascent is a space for everyone.
What's your favorite movement?
Medicine ball slams are my jam.
What is your ideal day outside the gym?
Coffee by the fireplace, exploring a new park/trail with my wife and dog, a nap, meeting friends at Wooden City for dinner.
What's your favorite beverage?
A hazy IPA

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

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Jenn coach at Ascent Fitness

Jenn (she/her)


Why do you work at Ascent?
Movement has been so important in managing my stress and taking care of my mental health. I love Ascent's mission of making movement fun and accessible to everyone!
What's your favorite movement?
What is your ideal day outside the gym?
Take my dogs for a hike in the mountains, cook dinner at home with friends, go for a nightcap at en Rama and a walk over Murray Morgan Bridge.
What's your favorite beverage?
Iced dirty chai oat milk latte

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Emma coach at Ascent Fitness

Emma (she/her)


Why did you become a coach at Ascent?
I've always admired the gym's welcoming and inclusive vibe. As a coach, I enjoy helping folks find their strength.
What's your favorite movement?
Kettlebell swings
What is your ideal day outside the gym?
Road-trip coffee, summit chocolate, and an open firewatch.
What's your favorite superhero?

Tasheon coach at Ascent Fitness

Tasheon (she/her)


Why did you become a coach at Ascent?
The fitness industry is not a safe, welcoming, or a fun space for marginalized folks and bodies. I work at Ascent because I know we play a role in changing the industry by creating community that is safe, affirming and fun. Ascent also works to be free of fatphobia, diet/wellness-culture and toxic fitness culture.
What's your favorite movement?
Deadlift or rope slams
What is your ideal day outside the gym?
It depends on the season but in general I love hiking in the morning, finding a delicious place to eat after and napping with a breeze from the window.
What's your favorite beverage?
I love hand crafted cocktails or mocktails. Anything in a cute little glass makes me extremely happy!

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